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Wonton Soup (Chinese dumplings in a delicious broth, the filling made from ground pork or chicken and shrimp with a small amount of flour added as a binder. The mixture is seasoned with salt, spices, garlic, and chopped green onions and then wrapped in wonton wrappers).Ogawa Kazumasa.
Curry Puffs (It is a small pie consisting of curry with chicken and potatoes in a pastry shell and deep fried)

Egg Rolls (ground chicken, potatoes, and onions in curry powder are wrapped in egg roll wrappers and deep-fried), served with sweet-sour dipping sauce and ground peanuts.
Spring Rolls (wrapped ground chicken, shredded cabbage, carrot, mung bean noodles, and deep fried), served with tamarind dipping sauce.
Crispy Fried Banana (deep-fried banana in coconut mixture), served with ground peanut and sweet-sour dipping sauce.
Hot & Sour Soup
(chicken stock, shredded chicken, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, and egg drops. The taste is hot, tangy, and savory, and the texture is thick and glossy.
Summer Rolls (protein, greens, and herbs wrapped in fresh rice wrapper, served with homemade dipping sauce), choice of protein: chicken, pork, beef, or shrimp.

Fresh Rolls
Summer Rolls

(all dishes are served with homemade dipping sauce)