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B E E ‘ S

Family-owned food truck serving Thai and specially selected comfort foods.

We are excited every day to serve far-out Fargo and connect with our friends and the community to build a better future and share food as a family.

Thai and Fusion Cuisine?
Bee grew up in Thailand, eating her mother’s delicious southern Thai comfort foods that tend to be spicier and more coconutty than other Thai cuisine. Like many in the area, the family fished, enjoying the fresh seaside bounty.

We are excited to share some of our favorite dishes from her hometown and our broader explorations

Lunch and dinner are mainly rice and curry dishes based on coconut milk. Seafood is quite common along the Malay peninsula, where it features prominently.

Thailand has a warm tropical climate, so Thai-style cold drinks are available everywhere. Since we love to travel and try traditional and regional cuisine, a few of our favorites are also on the menu. We hope our menu and specials become among your favorites, too.

Samilar Beach: Songkhla, Thailand (Bee’s hometown)